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Car Floor Mats

Leather Car seats cover

Leather Car Trunk Mats

Car Box

Eco Leather


Car floor mats, car trunk mats and seats covers made of synthetic leather

Custom made for your Car

Custom-made car floor mats are made by us in Germany for each car and in high quality. Thanks to the dirt-repellent and water-impermeable surface, they are the perfect solution for people who spend a lot of time in the car and don't want to spend much time cleaning.

We also offer bespoke car mats:
Tailor-made trunk mats
Seat covers
Storage boxes
custom made

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Our synthetic leather car floor mats are absolutely impermeable to water.

Abrasion resistant
Our synthetic leather car floor mats are extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Exact fit
We manufacture car mats for every model.

High quality
Our car mats are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Easy cleaning
Easy cleaning thanks to the synthetic leather surface.

Noble design
Our synthetic leather car floor mats are stylishly sewn and available in different colors.